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Our partners

WIM RU appreciates the loyalty of our partners, so we are ready to discuss individual conditions for participation in the project and create a warm and friendly atmosphere for the most comfortable cooperation


WIM Russia would like to thank our partners for their continued support and professionalism

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Currently, the official partners of the Women in Mining Russia Association are Polymetal, Norilsk Nickel, Highland Gold Russdragmet, NLMK, Uralkali, Deloitte CIS, SAP CIS, Brunel Russia, Paul Ekman International, Minex Russia, Adam Smith Conferences. The Association cooperates with the Skolkovo Innovation Center, St. Petersburg Mining University, the National Research Technological University (NITU) MISiS, the Siberian Federal University (SFU), and the Interfax news agency.

Benefits of participating in WIM for companies right now

We offer the following options for corporate cooperation with Women in Mining Russia:
Being the first in Russia and the CIS is an image bonus that brings financial profit in the future
Solve business problems, speak the same language with Western competitors
Develop human capital and promote a program of professional women’s leadership and gender diversification in the conservative industry
Maintain socially significant trends at the national level
Expand the network of contacts in the mining sector (including outside the CIS) – the ability to benchmark and interact with friendly companies in the industry


What you can implement for free right now together with Women in Mining Russia:

– Receiving regular information about upcoming WIM RU events and broadcasting to employees through internal communication channels (business breakfasts, thematic lectures, webinars with interesting speakers, face-to-face forums, Top 50 inspiring women in the Russian mining industry)

– Access to all information and industry materials and articles of WIM RU, incl. recordings of past webinars, interviews with successful women who have achieved professional recognition in the industry, international practices (Mining series by country and continent)

– By prior arrangement, the participation of company representatives in several selected WIM RU events as an expert, invited guest, moderator or speaker on a topic of interest

Individual membership of participants in the Women in Mining Russia association is free. Your colleagues, including those in remote regions of the country, get the opportunity for effective professional communication, support, motivation, see vivid examples of the realization of ambitions, success stories of women in the mining industry.

What is required from your company:

– Nomination of one or two interested volunteers to establish a direct channel of communication with the leadership of WIM RU and organize information distribution. It can be representatives of HR or PR services, or any other direction, who are not indifferent to the topic of women’s leadership and professional development

– Selection of successful company representatives to participate in one of the WIM RU events. This will serve as an excellent example for colleagues, will allow you to talk about practices, achievements or, on the contrary, difficulties in matters of gender diversification in your company, exchange experience with representatives of other companies in the extractive industry

– Consent to place your company logo among the partners of the WIM RU association on our website and in presentation materials


What does WIM RU offer if your company is interested in long-term cooperation, promotion of the gender agenda in Russia and activities for the benefit of the mining industry:

· Strengthening the image of a socially responsible company, public information about sponsorship and support of the WIM project

Use of the Women in Mining logo in any corporate sources (website, annual report, press releases, corporate presentations)

· Business media coverage of the addition of a new general partner WIM RU

Increase the loyalty of your colleagues, employees, partners, investors, rating agencies and other stakeholders through public participation in an industry initiative dedicated to the topic of gender equality and women’s leadership in Russia

· Possibility of participation of selected employees of the company in the mentoring program. Our surveys have shown that many girls working in the industry, incl. in mining and engineering, are interested in a professional mentor. Experienced women leaders, on the contrary, are often ready to share their experience. WIM RU launches a mentoring program and provides an opportunity to use a mentoring couple as a career growth tool

· Opportunity for the company to participate in the activities of the profile committees of the association for a detailed study of the issues of a particular area (both in the formed committees and in those proposed by the company, depending on the individual request). Official inclusion of company representatives in the selected committee, information on the WIM RU website

· Participation of representatives of the company in the cycle “Interviews with representatives of the industry. Women who have achieved great career success. The interviews will be published on the association’s website and may be used by the company for internal purposes.

Participation of company representatives in the project “Dynasties in the extractive industry”

Educational and industrial tourism

How to become our partner

You can become our partners. As part of the implementation of complex tasks to achieve the goals and plans that no company is able to solve solely on its own, it is important for us to have reliable partners who can take on individual tasks in order to offer community members the most comprehensive interaction.

We are interested in expanding the partnership network of the community in the regions, therefore we invite companies interested in long-term cooperation, advancing the gender agenda in Russia and activities for the benefit of the extractive industry to cooperate.