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The first WIM Ambassador Club!

30 participants of the Talented Woman in the Mining Industry award from Kola MMC Nornickel were awarded in a solemn ceremony by the General Director of Kola MMC Evgeny Borzenko with the participation of Kamilla Zhalilova, Director of the Women in Mining Russia Association.
And at the same time, the official opening of the KSMC Ambassadors Club took place!
Employees of the Kola MMC, Alexandra Nikolaeva and Daria Ermakova , have led the Ambassadors Club and will promote the goals of WIM in the region. This is a great and honorable goal!
Thank you for your huge contribution to the development of the association and the organization of such a large-scale event!
Read about the results achieved and plans for the future of the Ambassadors Club in an interview for our partners – Kn51 :…/metallurgiya-dlya-zhenshchin-v-kgmk…