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Master class "How to help yourself with your body and relieve stress"

Nervous tension reduces productivity, spoils mood, causes significant damage to health. In conditions of uncertainty, it is very important to maintain self-control and be able to quickly be able to recover quickly.

At a special event, we discussed:

  • How to quickly switch yourself from “everything is gone” to the ability to analyze and make informed decisions.
  • How to calm yourself, a child and a loved one in any situation. Simple bodily techniques.
  • Why are our reactions so different now.
  • What is information hygiene, and what principles to adhere to in conditions of uncertainty.

The host of the master class is Ekaterina Popova, a body-oriented psychotherapist.

Ekaterina is a certified expert in her field and deeply understands the specifics of the industry, from 2013 to 2020 she was a PR & IR head in the gold mining company Auriant Mining.

Webinar “Don’t Panic”
Course “Wings Online: Body of Life” from March 14 4 weeks of bodywork
Useful practices: