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April 8 at 11.00-12.30 (Moscow time) Webinar "Individual development plan"

The Women in Mining Russia community launches a new series of webinars “My Development”, which will be aimed at the personal growth of participants and participants.

Each of us at least once thought about development. But how to determine the difference between development and career goals? And what is the best way to conduct a development dialogue with the leader?

During the webinar, we will try to identify key needs for self-realization, discuss current development tools, set specific goals and steps to achieve them.

Career stereotypes. How to recognize the hidden attitudes that hinder our career? The most important thing is to determine which barriers we set for ourselves on our own, and which ones are imposed by society. During the webinar, we will analyze the key career development myths:

* Myth 1 – Career – only about vertical growth? If I don’t want to manage people, will I not build a career?

* Myth 2 – My management is responsible for my development.

* Myth 3 – In order to build a career, you just need to work hard.

🔹 Emotional burnout. How to be more efficient? Instead of the former enthusiasm for your favorite business, do you feel a reluctance to work? Do you experience constant fatigue and apathy? If nothing else brings you pleasure… Consider if you are experiencing burnout. During the webinar, we will analyze who is actually subject to emotional burnout? Let’s answer the question “How to understand that my resource is exhausted?”. And let’s talk about how to properly replenish energy.