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21 May 11:00 - 12:30 (Moscow time) Finland: technology, metallurgy, training and business

Our closest European neighbor is Finland. Since we can’t travel yet, WIM RU decided to introduce you to cool girls-engineers and researchers virtually, so that when the borders open, you can already go to a country you know a lot about. We have prepared an interesting overview about Finland, the industry, the work of an engineer, motherhood and career.

Irina Kachelina, Director of Corporate Governance – Advisor to the Managing Director, Nornickel Harjavalta , Finland.

Irina is an example of a female leader in the metallurgical industry. She will tell how the employer provides and promotes equal career opportunities for men and women, and why women leaders are especially in demand now.

On the territory of the state, mainly zinc, copper, iron ore and vanadium are mined. Metal ores account for more than 40% of the value of mining products. Near the city of Tornio (Kemi-Tornio village, Lapland) there is a deposit of chromium and nickel, which are used for the production of alloy steel.

Daria Hedberg, Innovation and Sustainability Expert, Geyser Batteries Oy, Finland-France

Daria has first-hand experience of a woman’s career in technology and innovation in today’s Finnish society. Daria will talk about how employers in Finland adapt to the decrees, how dads help moms make a career, how fathers motivate their daughters to work as engineers, and how to attract girls to the mining industry.

Johanna Naukkarinen , gender equality expert at LUT University

Johanna will tell why there is a difference in wages between men and women, how a woman can achieve professional recognition and respect, what to do with inappropriate behavior of men at work. Johanna will also present a study on the differences in education in terms of gender, division of labor, students’ perception of engineering specialties.

Marjut Kumpulampi-Santos, Vice President of Human Resources and HR Development at Metso Outotec.

Marjut is an expert on inclusive leadership, staff diversity and inclusion. She believes that a prerequisite for high performance is a work environment where everyone’s voice is heard and employees can perform at their best. Marjut has over 30 years of experience in global companies in both business and human resources. Prior to joining Metso Outotec, she worked as a consultant focusing on leadership development, growth and inclusion.