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Women in Mining actively develops cooperation network

Women in Mining is actively developing a network of cooperation. It is especially pleasant when companies become business partners that not only share the values of our association, but also actively support them.
We present to your attention our partners in the field of interpretation and translation, Amaranthe Translations . The Amaranthe Translations team delivers reference quality translations for a variety of business sectors – mining, oil and gas, petrochemical, energy, financial, legal and many others.
In Amaranthe Translations, at all levels, the key role belongs to women who know firsthand about the difficult work in the “fields” and do it perfectly.
Translations by Amaranthe Translations are heard in helicopters, in deserts, on oil rigs, in remote fields. Anna Chekalina, the company’s lead translator, recalls: “In the early 2000s, I was fond of paleology. I went on expeditions, descended into natural caves. In 2003, I translated for a mining and smelting company. An expedition to a mine more than 1 km deep was planned.
It was necessary to have translation support at the place of the expedition. Unfortunately, they didn’t let me into the mine then. Management didn’t allow it. The dream of going down the mine came true in 2020 in Norilsk. The descent was successful, we reached the maximum
depth of 1300 m. It’s nice to realize that the approach to business is changing, the value of women as professionals is increasing. I am proud that I accompanied the negotiations for the top officials of a large mining and metallurgical company at a depth of 1300 meters underground.”
Diversity & Inclusion at Amaranthe Translations is not just a trend, but an important resource for development. The team of our partners includes people of different ages and gender, nationality and cultural traditions, religious views. The field of translation unites people from different parts of the world and helps to speak the same language. The company has created all conditions for employees to feel comfortable. Amaranthe Translations is valued not only for the high quality of service, but also for the fact that each employee can express and realize himself in the company.
The diverse personal and professional background of our employees helps our partners to always be one step ahead. A variety of points of view, ideas, insights helps to create new tools for solving existing problems, and a feminine approach to business allows you to look at the situation from a special angle, analyze, adapt to current conditions, find interesting solutions, find non-obvious points of growth.
“Our company has created equal opportunities for all employees, we have always supported female leadership in various industries, including mining, metallurgical, energy, oil and gas sectors. empathy, intuition, creativity
thinking – these are the very Soft Skills that the fair sex owns. This makes it possible to expand horizons, reach new levels, break stereotypes and replenish client and partner portfolios with Russian and
foreign companies.” – says Elena Sipitsyna, founder and head of Amaranthe Translations.
As part of the partnership, Amaranthe Translations plans to participate in various activities of the association, as well as provide linguistic support to both Women In Mining and members and partners of the association.
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