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Interview with Daria Goncharova


We share an interesting interview with Daria Goncharova, where she talks about her family and life in her native Siberia, about the beginning of her career at Polymetal, as well as about her next steps, goals and inspiring books.

Daria Goncharova was born and spent her childhood in Siberia, a region rich in natural resources, especially coal.

“In fact, coal is called the heart of Siberia, because without heat there is no life! My parents and grandfather worked in the mining industry, so I was always surrounded by talk about equipment and production.” – says Daria Goncharova.

“We moved to St. Petersburg, it seemed to me that I was in paradise! I wanted to do anything but the mining industry. I dreamed of traveling the world and working at international events, so I got a diploma in international relations. Oddly enough, it was at university that I realized that I wanted to go back to my mining roots and maybe one day really help people who work in difficult conditions.” – shares Daria.

At the beginning of her career in the mining industry, Darya was supported by her father, who was always there and provided advice on technical industry issues.

“When my studies were over, I got an internship at Giproshakht (Severstal), where I was engaged in translations and organization of conferences in the business development department. Here I realized that I could combine my interest in international business and my qualifications with a career in the mining industry. This is partly how I started working in the investor relations department at Polymetal.

Daria took a break from her career at Polymetal for a while to complete her Masters in Environmental Management, Energy and Corporate Social Responsibility at Luigi Bocconi University in Italy. In 2015, she returned to Polymetal, where she was offered the role of Chief Sustainability Officer.

“I am very proud of the company. With or without me, the corporate culture has changed. Sustainable development has become one of the top priorities at all levels. My knowledge and international experience help me implement standards and generate reports more efficiently and effectively.”

Focus on personal contribution to the overall success of the company is the key to efficiency in individual work!