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February 17 from 11:00 to 12:30 (Moscow time) Webinar "Biodiversity". First meeting of the series.

Biodiversity has become one of the main topics for mining companies. To preserve rare species and taiga require consumers of metals, investors and ESG-ratings. But can prey change enough not to destroy nature?

Polymetal and WIM RU are launching a series of webinars to share best practices.

At the first webinar, on February 17, representatives of the largest companies discussed how they are changing processes to stop the decline in Russia’s biological wealth.

About speakers:

Elena Bakun, Head of the Ecology Department of the Alumina Division of UC RUSAL. Specialist with more than 20 years of experience in the field of industrial ecology. The company deals with the environmental aspects of mining and alumina assets. Previously, Elena created the structure of geographical databases, participated and led scientific geobotanical expeditions.

Irina Lukacheva, Senior Manager of Environmental Support at ESG, MMC Norilsk Nickel. Expert on the development of a biodiversity impact management system. Irina is organizing work on conducting basic research on the biodiversity of Norilsk Nickel in partnership with the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Zoe Balmfort, Senior Principal Consultant, The Biodiversity Consultancy, UK. She graduated from oxford University, holds a PhD in Ecology and over 20 years of experience in biodiversity. Zoe has extensive experience in the extractive sector, both at the corporate policy and facility levels, as well as in various regions of the world, including Europe, Africa and South America.

Webinar moderator – Elena Chigareva, Sustainability expert, Polymetal London. At Polymetal, Elena is building a corporate strategy to reduce the negative impact on biodiversity, integrating it with climate, water and social goals.

The following webinars:

March – Biodiversity conservation projects in partnership with conservation organizations. How companies choose which project to finance. How to control costs and achieve results. Is it necessary to assume the responsibilities of the state, paying for the activities of reserves.

April – No deforestation by 2030. Russia has committed to COP 26, but can it be fulfilled? Ways to reduce the area of deforestation for enterprises. How to act mining companies so that the millions of dollars they invested in reforestation are not in vain. Is it worth entering into a partnership with the timber industry.

May – Natural solutions for carbon sequestration by taiga and steppe. Preservation and restoration of swamps as key CO2 reserves.

June – New methods of studying biodiversity: eDNA, drones, satellite imagery, international databases.

If you want to become a speaker on one of the topics, write to us on