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December 9 11:00-12:30 (Moscow time) Webinar “How to build a competent relationship between an employer and an employee”

We are organizing another online meeting. This time it will be devoted to the issues of employment of employees, respect for their rights, resolution of labor disputes, challenging disciplinary sanctions, payment of district coefficients and measures to support parenthood.

About speakers:

Elena Kukushkina is a senior legal advisor in Baker McKenzie ‘s Moscow office, specializing in labor and immigration law. Elena will talk about the basic rights of an employee, as well as about labor law trends. Elena will also answer questions about what to look for when hiring or firing, how to protect your interests, what special conditions are provided to a woman, how to properly organize parental leave, how to combine positions with another person and legally work remotely.

Yuliya Ten , Director of Extractive Industry Executive Recruitment at Korn Ferry , will help you understand the employer market, give advice on career development in the steel industry, and point out factors that will help you decide whether it is time to change jobs or better to change your attitude towards it. .

Elena, as an expert in migration law, and Yulia, as a specialist with experience in relocating employees to exotic countries, will be ready to answer questions about labor migration in the industry.

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