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About Us

Women in Mining Russia is a non-profit organization that promotes the promotion and professional development of women in the mining, metallurgical, manufacturing and other related industries.

Despite the fact that the launch of the project coincided with the start of the global coronavirus pandemic, the introduction of quarantine restrictions and a significant decrease in business activity in Russia, the WIM RU team has achieved significant success:


official partners of the project, incl. 5 participating industry companies, each of which has a communication channel and collection of feedback on personnel, social or other issues and practices


Information and expert support of the leading engineering universities in Russia (St. Petersburg Mining University, National Research Technological University “MISiS”, Siberian Federal University)


information partner (including Interfax, Minex, CSR Magazine)


unique contacts of the Association members


webinars with professional speakers

As well as:

Launch of the WIM RU Ambassador Program to promote the mission of the Association and integrate the professional development program for women in remote regions of Russia
Launch of a series of programs “Interviews with industry representatives. Women who have achieved great career success”

International cooperation with Women in Mining UK, Minex Metals & Mining Forum, Artemis project

Within WIM RU the following activities are carried out:

  • Trainings on Equal Opportunities and Women’s Leadership
  • Interaction with specialized universities and career guidance programs
  • Mentoring program
  • Promoting talented human resources (a series of interviews with successful women who have achieved professional recognition in the industry, the Dynasties in the Extractive Industry project)
  • Open business breakfasts, seminars and webinars, annual forum
  • International cooperation (series “Mining by countries and continents”), industrial and educational tourism
  • Young Leaders Club

Currently, the official partners of the Association of Women in Mining Russia are Polymetal, Norilsk Nickel, Highland Gold Russdragmet, NLMK, Uralkali, Brunel Russia, Paul Ekman International, Minex Russia, Adam Smith Conferences. The Association cooperates with the Skolkovo Innovation Center, st. Petersburg Mining University, National Research Technological University (NUST) MISIS, Siberian Federal University (SibFU), as well as the Interfax news agency.

our team



Camilla Zhalilova

International Consulting Company

Head of Project Office for Key Accounts and Markets

Governing body


Daria Kryachkova

Norilsk Nickel

Vice President for
personnel policy


Daria Goncharova

Director of
sustainable development

Maria Lodkina


Director of Financial Control and Strategic Reporting


Elena Babkina

GK Petropavlovsk (MC Atlas Mining)

Operations Director for Human Resources


Bella Amkhadova

Norilsk Nickel
Head of Recruitment and HR Monitoring

Camilla Zhalilova

International Consulting Company

Head of the project office for work with key clients and markets, Director of WIM Russia

Association management structure



– Interaction with investors and partners
– Strategic planning and development
– The international cooperation



– Development of human resources (Talent)
– Universities and career guidance programs
– Sustainable development and CSR
– Club of young leaders
– Organization and holding of awards and ratings
– Coaching and mentoring



Support for the professional development of women and the promotion of culture equal opportunity in the mining industry

Our values:

– Tolerance and equal opportunities
– Open dialogue
– Leadership
– Motivation and self-realization
– Development and professional growth


– Promoting initiatives to improve the business climate and strengthen the role of women in the extractive industry

– Implementation of support mechanisms and business communications among women

– Promotion of modern forms of business partnership in the development of professional women’s leadership

– Promotion of engineering education among women

Association format

– Open seminars

– Business breakfasts

– International cooperation and company visits

– Annual Forum

– Educational tourism

– Mentoring/coaching

– 100 Inspiring Extractive Women Award – CIS

– Open webinars

– Club of young leaders

– Industrial tourism